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Cuban Partnership

Churchill Park United Church

Churchill Park United Church was founded in 1995 through the amalgamation of two congregations. One was Rosedale United Church located at 525 Beresford, which was initially formed as a Methodist Church in 1910 and later became a United Church; a new brick (current) building was built in 1948.

In 1957 the building was expanded to add offices, a gym, a lounge washrooms and a kitchen.  Riverview United was initially formed as a Presbyterian church in 1905 and in 1925, 3 years after the founding of the United Church, the congregation of Riverview built a new church, becoming the first United Church in Canada to dedicate a new church structure. The old Presbyterian church structure remained attached to the new structure until it was replaced by a new Christian Education building in 1957. 

Memories and stories of the former churches continue to be treasured even as Churchill Park United evolves into its own identity.

For today, Churchill Park is a welcoming open congregation that reflects its historic roots by caring for this neighbourhood, through their long relationship with Riverview Health Care Centre and their welcoming of young people in the Scouting and Guiding programs for the community. The ministry and mission continue on with over 100 years in the community.

Churchill Park United Church formalized a partnership with the Dora E. Valentin (DEV) Presbyterian Reformed Church in Varadero at its 2013 annual meeting.

The objective of the partnership is to foster inter-church and interpersonal relationships between the two congregations and mutual understanding of each others cultures.  The partnership is supported and enhanced by visits and exchanges of people and ideas.
The partnership is the culmination of a longer-term association with the Presbyterian Reformed Church established when Janet Walker was called to join CPUC in ministry in 2007. Janet had worked for the Cuba Council of Churches for five years in the late 80s and early 90s. This connection resulted in four tours to Cuba since: a youth tour in 2008 and three adult tours in 2012, 2014 and 2015. In 2010 Churchill Park also hosted a youth group from Cuba and DEV’s minister Rev. Joel Ortega Dopico.


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