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We are excited that you are getting married and

wish the best for you as you begin your life together.


We have an open and welcoming wedding policy. You do not need to be a member of Churchill Park.  We welcome same-sex weddings, interfaith weddings, and those who have been divorced.  We will work with you to do your wedding with respect and consideration.


Wedding ceremonies are conducted by the minister of Churchill Park Church.  If you would like another minister to participate, please discuss this with the minister who will gladly issue an invitation.  Our music director is available to play for weddings or to arrange for a substitute, if necessary.


Our music director will be pleased to meet with you to assist in the selection of appropriate and meaningful music for the ceremony.  Other music arrangements may be made in consultation with the minister.


We have access to many experienced soloists available for weddings.  If you are thinking of having a soloist, we encourage you to consider requesting one of them.  The music director can assist you in this regard.


The date and hour of the ceremony and rehearsal should be arranged with the minister. 

A meeting to discuss the marriage service then is arranged before your wedding.  Together with the minister, you will plan for your marriage service.


Marriage Preparation:  We strongly recommend that all couples attend a marriage preparation class prior to the wedding.  We recommend the program called Marrying Well (204-956-4550).


Honorarium and Fees 


Fees should be placed in separate envelopes and left with the church secretary five days before the ceremony.


Rental Fee
Sanctuary                                                              $285

Other Fees

Minister                                                                 $250
Organist (Wedding & Consultation)                  $175

Soloist                                                            (Variable)

Caretaking                                                               $75

Audio Visual                                                            $75


These fees are subject to change.

(Prices amended April 2019.)

Funerals & Memorial Services

In the Christian community, death touches the life of the entire family of faith.  Our prayers are with you as you go through this time of loss.


At Churchill Park, funerals and memorial services are conducted by the minister.  If you would like another minister to assist, please discuss it with the minister who will gladly issue the invitation.


Our music director is available to play for funerals and memorial services.  If necessary, a substitute can be arranged.  Other choices for music can be discussed with the minister.


When a death occurs, you are encouraged to notify the minister as soon as possible to share fully in planning a service.  The church building provides a setting where the familiar symbols of faith re-enforce the funeral service as an act of worship and a consolation to the mourners.  You may prefer to have the service in the funeral home.


Reception Following the Service


A reception is often held at the home, at the church, or at the funeral home.  If a luncheon is held at the church, you may retain your own caterer or our United Church Women’s group may be able to assist.  Please speak to the minister regarding this.  Church dishes and cutlery may be used.


Honorarium and Fees 


Fees should be placed in separate envelopes and left with the church secretary or the minister.


Funeral Fees

Sanctuary                                                              $285
Minister                                                                 $250

Organist                                                                $175

Soloist                                                           (Variable)

Caretaking                                                              $75

Audio Visual                                                           $75

Memory Garden Administration Fee                 $50

Minister (Memory Garden only)                       $100

These fees are subject to change.

(Fees amended October 2022)


Baptism is one of our two sacraments of the United Church and is important. By sacrament we mean “a visible sign of an invisible means of grace”. We believe that in this action of water on the forehead, God is working through us in ways we cannot see, understand or imagine. Baptism is a blessing, an introduction to the church and a celebration of new life.


Please contact the minister to arrange for a suitable date. You do not have to be a member of the congregation to have your child baptized, although you may want to choose this opportunity to explore church membership or adult baptism with the minister. There is no fee for baptism because it is part of our worship service and an “Offering” will be invited at that time.


Baptism for Older Children and Adults:

Youth and adults are able to understand the sacrament and will be involved in the planning and the promises.

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